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This course was designed by world renown intuitive, Life Purpose Shaman. Through the guidance of her Guardian Angels and Guides, she has created the 6-Week Life Purpose Discovery Course for those individuals who are 100% ready for transformation!

This is not a beginner course. You must have a basic understanding of chakras, guardian angels, meditation, and most importantly DEDICATION to succeed. You will need to dedicate at least 45 mins to an hour a day to complete your homework assignments. 

Your life's purpose is worth more than anything. Let Shaman guide you to YOU!

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Instructor Bio:

By communicating with Guardian Angels, Spirit Guides and her Shamanic healing abilities, Life Purpose Shaman is the secret to success in Life Purpose Discovery, Soulmate Connection and healing your soul, spirit and body. She has become an internationally known treasure for those seeking enlightenment. Having been personally mentored since childhood by teachers around the world such as Pope John Paul II, Mother Teresa, and the Dalai Lama, Shaman is the sacred vessel through which God's love can be felt and experienced. She has returned lifetime after lifetime with the same purpose, to be a teacher of teachers. To help you become who you were born to be so that together we can heal the world.

Life Purpose Shaman

Master Shaman